Follow These Steps To Launch Your

Application To Success


Gather All Documents

You will need to have all the documents related to the application translated to English before you apply. The documents can vary depending on the institutions, but don't worry, we will help you with that!

Fill The Forms

Application form, Financial Statement, Legal Representative Statement, Proof of Funding, English Proficiency Test, etc. Yeah, we know it can get a bit confusing and that is why we are here!

Evaluate Housing Options

Studying abroad is an incredible experience and a huge part of that is where and how you live. Not only you need to find what suits your budget but also your lifestyle. And we will help you find the best fit for your journey.




Pay The Fees

After filling all the forms and separating all the documents, you will have to pay the fees regarding the application. With a credit card in hand, this is probably the quickest step of the application process.


Prepare For The Visa Interview

After you are done with your application and decided where you want to live, all you need to do is prepare for the visa interview. And then you can just pack your bags and go to the airport!

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