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With more than 10,000 university programs and 8,000 college and tech-institute programs, in English and/or French, Canada is one of the main destinations for students all over the world. These programs are constantly recognized as best options on many international rankings. Just to illustrate, the Times Higher Education World Ranking of 2015-16 puts 10% of all Canadian universities among the top 200 worldwide. Moreover, international students are able to work in and out of campus during their studies, which helps ease the economical aspect of studying abroad.  Canadians are well known for their sympathy, honesty and tolerance, making it the most welcoming country in the world (Global National Brands Index). International students encounter a stable and peaceful society, with equality and respect to human rights. Canada has a high life expectancy and strong social bounds.

Our Partner Institutions in Canada

We are constantly creating partnerships with the best institutions in the country to better assist you in the search for the best match for your studies. Check out which partners we are currently working with in Canada:


Western University

York University

Lakehead University

Institute of Technology Development

Royal Roads University

All Saints University

University of Guelph

Windsor University

McGill University

NYIT Vancouver


Seneca College

Evergreen College

Humber College

Niagara College

Fanshaw College

George Brown College

Oxford College

St. Lawrence College

Hanson Canada College

UCCBT Toronto & Vancouver


English Programs


ELS Toronto

Kaplan Toronto

Kaplan Vancouver

CES School


GOES Toronto

Hansa Language Center

London Language Institute

Embassy English School

Stafford House

EC Toronto


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